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Have your dents repaired by the best in the world. Jake Kelm won the 2012 Dent Olympics competition in Orlando, Florida.

Dent Werks PDR is a Minnesota company that has perfected the skills in pdr (paintless dent repair) for repairing hail damage dents or parking lot mishaps. If you have small dings or large dents, call Dent Werks PDR for a clean, green repair that maintains your original paint finish and the value of your car, SUV, van or truck. In Minneapolis, St. Paul or anywhere near, Dent Werks PDR can get the hail or dent repair done. Call 612.599.7719 to schedule your paintless dent repair.

Jake Kelm, Owner


Body Shop or PDR - paintless dent repair?

Should I have my car, truck, van or SUV repaired using a body shop or PDR - paintless dent removal? Call Dent Werks PDR and our paintless dent repair technicians will let you know if an accident or dent may be repaired using PDR. Paintless dent removal is generally accepted as the preferred and less expensive of the two repair types. You may be surprised to learn that Dent Werks PDR is able to repair many larger dents using PDR because we believe we can. Dent Werks PDR will let you know upfront, for no cost, what your dent repair will cost. Minnesota's best in PDR is Dent Werks PDR. Call us today at 612.599.7719.

Audi All Wagon deer dent in quarter panel

Deer dent fixed using PDR paintless dent repair at Dent Werks PDR MN

Jake Kelm is pictured fixing a dent on an Audi All Road wagon. This Audi All Road wagon had a deer run into the left quarter panel causing a huge dent. Normally a dent this large would have to be repaired in an auto body repair shop, however, Dent Werks PDR specializes in fixing over sized or large dents using PDR (paintless dent repair). PDR maintains the original paint and is usually repaired in 1 day compared to 4-5 days in a body shop. This Audi All Road wagon was repaired in one day at our Delano, MN location and Dent Werks PDR provided a rental for no additional cost. If possible, PDR is always better than repainting a body panel. It is impossible to repaint exactly as the original paint finish.

repairing audi wagon deer dent at Dent Werks PDR in Delano, Minnesota

Jake Kelm of Dent Werks PDR in MN fixing a deer dent in an audi wagon

Dent Werks PDR has over 20 plus years of experience repairing large dents like the deer dent in this Audi All Road wagon. Jake Kelm takes pride in not only trying to repair large dents but being successful at making them perfect. Jake Kelm likes the challenge of fixing large dents with PDR that other PDR techs turn away as un-repairable. Jake will not stop at 75% or 80%. If the dent is not perfect then Jake will not be happy. The Audi above turned out perfect and in less than one day. No body shop, no bondo, no fillers and no painting. This repair is all original and all in another days work at Dent Werks PDR. If you have any questions about a dent you have you may email pictures to Dent Werks PDR or call us at 612.599.7719.

Body shop or Paintless dent repair? Ask Jake Kelm at Dent Werks PDR.

Dent Werks PDR's new shop in Plymouth, MN that not only repairs dents but also includes exceptional detailing, window tinting and clear bra installation. Dent Werks PDR works with many local body shops performing their paintless dent repair. Because of these relationships you should always start with Dent Werks to see if we can repair your car. If we are unable to repair your car using pdr then we will refer you to a body shop that can perform your repair.


Choose the best in Paintless Dent Repair

When it comes to PDR (paintless dent removal) you have come to the best. Don't believe us, listen to what our clients have to say about Dent Werks PDR -

Jake is fabulous

"Jake, you thought you might be able to help me with my large dent in my fender using your special PDR tools? Help, I don't even know which fender was dented and which one is the original. Thank you for saving me and my truck and fixing my dent!"
Bob K. Excelsior, MN

Retail and Wholesale

DentWerks PDR works with wholesale accounts, hail clients and retail clients with small, medium and large dent repair needs. DentWerks PDR is insurance approved so you know we can fix it right. Give us a call for your wholesale or retail dent repair needs.

Comments from our customers:
"We recently had Jake at Dent Werks PDR repair our hail damaged BMW. We were very concerned about the quality of work and wanted no trace of the hail dents and dings. Jake exceeded all of our expectations on the hail repair. We will gladly refer all of our friends to Dent Werks PDR."
Craig W. Plymouth, MN

"Dent Werks PDR, your professionalism and quality on dent repair are second to none. Thank you for fixing my garage door goof up. Without you I would have had a lot of explaining to do. ;-) Thank you so much for saving me"
Cherie T. Edina, MN
"Jake Kelm is a dent fixing genius. The dent you repaired was huge and now I don't even know where it was. My friend, Dave, said you were the best at paintless dent repair and you did not disappoint me."
Joe J. Minnetrista, MN
"I hate to admit this, but I am extreme about my truck. Jake, Thank you sooooooo much for fixing the dent or crash I put into my tail gate. Your work is absolutely flawless and you repaired it in less than one day. I really didn't want to have to paint it and with your perfect repair, I don't have to."
Don K. Delano, MN


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